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Located on the Samana Peninsula on the Samana Bay on the northeast section of the Dominican Republic. Traveling from Santo Domingo to Samana is easy and well worth it.

From Santo Domingo to Samana

From Santo Domingo To Samana

From the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana takes just under 2 1/2 hours. The drive is worthwhile. As you head north you will pass through the Dominican country side where you will see rice farms and various other agricultural products.

As you turn to the east the rice fields transform into coconut trees. When you see these coconut trees it means you have made it to the small village of Sanchez and once you among the coconut trees you are nearing your destination.

History of Samana

Samana, full name – Santo Barbara de Samana – is a small town located on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. This quant town of Samana sits on the Samana Bay where you can walk along the malecon (seaside) and discover the town’s restaurants, bars, shops, and small markets.

The town of Samana dates to 1493 when Christopher Columbus made a quick stop on his first voyage to the New World. It was later left alone for many years.

In 1756 the Spanish claimed Samana until 1796 when it passed into French hands in the peace treaty of Basel. In 1807, with the assistance of the British Navy, Samana changed hands one more time – this time back to the Spanish.

This small skirmish also represented the end of the French occupation of any part of what is now the Dominican Republic.

Fast forward to modern times with the assistance of the new road carved through the mountains which allowed this once difficult and time-consuming location to start converting into a top tier destination for travelers.

With its magnificent white sand beaches, the Bay of Samana, and the warm waters of the Atlantic, it didn’t take long for the world to learn of the beauty that is tucked away here on the Samana Peninsula.

Where to Stay in Samana

Samana has a mix of several all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels and bed & breakfast style rentals. Many have fantastic views of the Samana Bay as many of the properties are located on the rolling hills of Samana.


Slide This is a boutique all-inclusive with extraordinary views of the Samana Bay from the entire property, to include rooms, the pool, bars and restaurants. With these views, a private beach below, activities such as surf-yoga, 5 restaurants and several bars, to include a poolside bar - you are sure to relax and unwind here.

Luxury Bahia Principe Samana

Slide A private oasis surrounding by rolling hills and the Samana Bay. It is located in the center of the small town of Samana allowing you to experience a little authentic Dominican culture just outside of the property, but still having the safety, comfort and luxury of the resort.

Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa

Slide Luxury and beauty collide when you board a ferry from the small town of Samana and head out on the Samana Bay. You will arrive at your resort on an island where its only structures are your resort. You will be surrounding by white sand beaches, blue waters, palm trees, spas, a luxury resort with various restaurants, and multiple bars (pool bar, beach bar and bars throughout the resort).

Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado

Slide An upscale all-inclusive resort located in the secluded northern shores of Samana in between two magnificent nature reserves. If you are looking for leisure and comfort, you can find it here with its 5 restaurants, 6 bars, 3 pools, and spa.

Grand Paradise Samana

Hotels & AirBnBs

Slide For those looking for a serene and a simple vacation with great views of the Samana Bay and Cayo Levantado island -look no further. This property has few neighbors and is about 25 minutes outside of town. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a pool and its own private beach.

Xeliter Vista Mare

Slide For those searching for an eco-adventure, in the Samana valley you will find small bungalows hidden in the trees with rope bridges and dirt paths connecting the property.

Dominican Tree House Village

Slide Follow the bluffs to the sea and you will find this boutique hotel next to a beautiful marina. It has 2 pools, a restaurant, spa, play room, tennis courts and 28 luxury suites. Just a short distance to the downtown of Samana.

Hotel Bannister by Mint

Reasons To Visit Samana

The Samana peninsula without a doubt is one of the best places in the Caribbean for a true escape. When you come to Samana you come for the simple beauty this destination represents.

Things To Do And See

Samana has all the experiences a traveler is looking for. Pristine and natural looking terrain, rolling hills, coconut trees, bays, islands and natural parks make the Samana Peninsula one of the top destinations on the island.

Playa (beach) Cayaco is the public beach and is just a few minutes’ walk from the town center. For a more serene experience you can explore one of the beaches just outside of the downtown – Playa Las Garitas, Playa Anadel, Playa Liberato, or on the northern side of Samana – Playa El Valle, and the world famous Playa Rincon.

You can take a boat cruise around the Samana bay out to the island of Cayo Levantado to spend the day on an island of white sand beaches and deep blue water, or arrive by boat to several of the most popular beaches in and around Samana.

Board a boat on the Samana Bay and head to the National Park – not a bad way to arrive. A park filled with mangroves, limestone caves, animals, birds, islets and an undulating topography – this is the best way to see and enjoy the nature and wildlife on the remote north-eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

If you are lucky enough to visit Samana from December to March you can see one of the largest Humpback whale migrations in the world.

The Samana Bay will be full of Humpback whales giving birth, preparing their calves for the journey north, or just playing and breaching in the water. This is a true awe-inspiring event of nature to witness.

This locally famous bridge in the downtown of Samana was built to allow pedestrians access to a large casino complex at the other end. However, the casino failed as did the restaurant.

Now this is the bridge to nowhere where on any given day you can see locals and tourist alike enjoying the views and the breeze from the park benches located at the end of the bridge. It is a great walk in the morning or as the sun sets.

Malecon means the street or walkway along the water. In Samana what you want to see and do is located either on the malecon or within a few minutes of the malecon. From the malecon you have: breathtaking views of the bay, places to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, or places where you can sit back and relax with your favorite rum drink in hand. There are also shops and other tourist attractions along the malecon.

Santo Domingo To Samana

Take a day trip to the island in the middle of the Samana Bay where you will breathe in the stunning beauty of the blue-ish green waters, white sand, sun and the breezes of the Caribbean.

Restaurants and Bars

In the town of Samana you will find several restaurants either right on the malecon (seaside) or a couple of streets back. In the center of the town there is a plaza where there are several restaurants that open for lunch and/or dinner and overlook the Samana Bay. Think pop-up restaurants for these.

They have a small, fixed building (the kitchen) and then they have chairs and tables that they set up on the plaza overlooking the bay. With so many restaurant options on the beaches, above the Atlantic Ocean on cliffs, in town, off the beaten path, etc., Samana has many dining options for those with the explores’ passion. Here are just a few.


El Cabito

Perched high over the Rincon Bay on the north side of Samana this restaurant will offer some of the best views from Samana. With nothing close for miles this restaurant will provide you serenity while you enjoy your meal with a view.

La Mata Rosada

Located in downtown Samana with views of the Samana bay this Caribbean-styled restaurant serves fresh fish, seafood and traditional Dominican plates.

La Hacienda Grill and Bar

In the central part of Samana and just a half a block off the malecon (seaside) you will find a Caribbean restaurant of simple design with an owner/chef who prepares high quality Seafood, Caribbean, and French food - all while respecting his client’s wallet.

El Monte Azul -Chez Pierre et Vanina

This restaurant can be a challenge to reach, but it is worth it for the views of the sea, the mountains, and tranquility this place has to offer. The menu is limited, but has high-quality French and Thai dishes to enjoy. By reservation.

Cayenas del Mar Beach Club

Overlooking beach Playa Anadel just outside of the downtown this restaurant will allow you to enjoy the cool breezes of the Caribbean and all the while relishing the views of the beach and hills in the background as you enjoy a locally-prepared meal.

Sol y Luna Restaurant and Bar

Located inside the Hotel Las Ballenas Escondido this restaurant has epic views overlooking the Samana Bay. This is an elegantly themed restaurant where you can appreciate the views and the nice cool breeze of the Caribbean -all while enjoying a freshly prepared meal from the sea.

Bier Garten Las Flores

Located on the la Loma Caletas (The Hill On the Cove) on a dirt road with a beer garden that serves Dominican food. The beer garden overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Rincon Bay. It is a great place to watch the sunset over the northeastern peninsula of the Dominican Republic and it provides an unique experience. This is defiantly off the beaten track.


Questions & Answers

Facts about transportation from Santo Domingo to Samana

Distance from the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana?

The distance from the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana is about 169 kms or 105 miles.

How long does it take to get from the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana?

It takes about 2 ½ hours to reach Samana from the Santo Domingo Airport.

Distance from Santo Domingo to Samana?

The distance from Santo Domingo to Samana is about 182 kms or 115 miles.

How long does it take to get from Santo Domingo to Samana?

From Santo Domingo to Samana will take about 2 ¾ hours.

Note: Santo Domingo is large metropolitan area of 3 million people. Travel times can vary greatly based on traffic.

What is the cheapest way to get from Santo Domingo to Samana?

The cheapest way to get from Santo Domingo to Samana depends on the number of passengers in your group.

While the #1 preferred way to get from Santo Domingo to Samana (private transfer) is not always the cheapest, it is not that much more than the least expensive way, but it is a lot simpler, safer and more enjoyable.

The bus is probably the cheapest way to get from Santo Domingo to Samana, but keep in mind the buses don’t pick up at the airport so you will have to pay for a taxi to the bus station, wait for the next bus, buy the tickets, and then when you are arrive in Samana you will have to take a taxi from the bus station to where you are staying. While the bus tickets are only about $10 USD per person, the multiple taxis, etc. will add up quickly and you will be quickly at or over $100 USD, almost the cost of a private transfer.

There are shared shuttles services and we advise taking these if you are a solo traveler. At about $65 USD for a shared shuttle service a solo travel can save money. With two passengers you are within the cost of a private transfer and with three or more passengers it will be more expensive to take a shared shuttle then a private transfer.

The private transfer, at about $40 USD more than the above options, is usually the best form of transportation for the cost.  A few dollars more, but a lot easier, a lot less time and a lot more comfortable.

How to travel from The Santo Domingo Airport to Samana without renting a car?

The easiest way to get from the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana is with a car service. With a car service your driver will be waiting for you and once you clear customs, the driver will help you with your luggage and have you on your way to your final destination. Need a quote? Transfer from Santo Domingo to Samana.

Is the transfer from Santo Domingo To Samana safe?

The short answer  –Yes. The longer answer to if the transfer from Santo Domingo to Samana is safe, it is of course safe. We would never allow our passengers or drivers to be put in a bad situation. This is one of our primary routes and a route that our drivers like a lot. This main road to Samana is a private highway and is probably the best road in the country which makes the drive that much easier.

At night the drive to Samana from Santo Domingo can still be done and done safely but our drivers will drive a little slower. Not only is there obviously less light but because much of the drive is through the countryside there is always a chance for a cow or two to be on the road. Not typical, yet occasionally it happens -so we are always on the lookout.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Male Testimonial

Best money spent on my Dominican Republic trip

Our ride from Santo Domingo to Samana was tremendous. No issues. Very comfortable. Most of all…. stress and worry free!!! That is what I want on a trip. We met up with friends in Samana. They wish they had got this service. Highly recommend.


Female Testimonial

Safe & Reliable Transportation from the Santo Domingo Airport to Samana

We had an amazing trip to DR. Santo Domingo Taxi was great to work with. I prearranged everything by email with Ken. We were arriving in Santo Domingo very late, so they picked us up at the airport and took us to a nearby hotel. The following day, they were back right on time to take us the 2 hours to Samana. A week later, they picked us back up in Samana and took us to the Colonial Zone where we spent one night, then they were there again at 3:30am to pick us up again for our very early flight.


Family Testimonials

Transportation from Santo Domingo to Samaná

The Santo Domingo taxi company was easy to arrange thru email. Ken responded quickly and the service was great. The drivers were on time, polite and drive safe. Translator was provided at no additional charge. The 2 and half hour drive from SD airport to Samaná went smoothly and safely. This was the best value to travel and I would use their service again.

-Heather P

need help getting from samana

Transportation From Santo Domingo To Samana

If you need transportation from Santo Domingo to Samana (from the city or airport), our English-speaking reservations department is standing by to assist you.

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