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Located on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is worth the short drive from Santo Domingo to Bayahibe to enjoy this beautiful quaint small town.

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Dominican Phone: 1-829-994-5150

From The Santo Domingo Airport to Bayahibe

From Santo Domingo to Bayahibe takes just a little over an hour. Santo Domingo to Bayahibe is a distance of 115 KM / 71 miles. Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) is not the closest airport to Bayahibe. There are other closer airports to Bayahibe, but they are often very expensive and usually a hassle to fly in to. If you are thinking about visiting Bayahibe contact us for a customized price quote from the Santo Domingo Airport to Bayahibe.

History Of Bayahibe

Bayahibe is a small town in the province of La Romana. It is on the Caribbean side of the island located on the south-eastern portion of the Dominican Republic. Bayahibe was a small, quaint fishing town,  but now transformed into a great tourist destination in the Caribbean. Bayahibe has private residences, hotels and several larger all-inclusive resorts to pick from.

What makes Bayahibe one of the best destinations in the Caribbean is that it is an affordable destination that is easy to get to from Santo Domingo International Airport.

Places To Stay In Bayahibe

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe All Inclusive resorts

All Inclusive Hotel

There are many benefits to all-inclusive resort beyond just being a great value. After check-in, your stress-free vacation can start. You can stow your credit cards and money in the room (you won’t need them anymore) and immediately look for the closest beach access. Then simply pick out your favorite rum drink to enjoy on the beach. With most resorts having entertainment, several bars, pools and restaurants to pick from, this a great way to enjoy your Dominican vacation.

Santo Domingo Bayahibe Casa

Small Hotels / Private Rental Homes

Staying in one of the locations will allow you the opportunity to see much more of the Dominican Republic. Far too many times, those visiting an all-inclusive resort spend their entire time inside the walls of the resort. Not to say there aren’t compelling reasons to lie by the pool or the beach enjoying a Pina Colada all day but you spent all that money to come to the Dominican Republic -get out and see it. One of the best ways to see it is to be part of it. Rent a nice house or stay in a small hotel and enjoy the same beaches, restaurants, and bars the Dominicans do.

Things To "Do & See" In Bayahibe

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Divers will find spectacular coral formations and three shipwrecks: the Atlantic Princess, St. George and Coco.

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe Excursion

National Park Of The East

Nature enthusiast will find lagoons and wildlife, including a variety of birds. There is much to do, but the inviting, soft white sand beaches are perfect for travelers seeking to relax with a great view of the Caribbean.

Bayahibe Santo Domingo Beaches

The Beaches

There are many beaches where you can relax in a lounge chair for the day, or walk up and down the soft white sandy beaches. There will always be a restaurant/bar close by for you to take a break from the Caribbean sun.

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe Boat Cruise

Boat Tours

Experience the Caribbean on the Caribbean. You can go fishing; you can take a boat to Catalina Island (a small, uninhabited island) where you can snorkel and enjoy the beauty; or you can enjoy many more activities that are available. There are two additional islands you can visit, but it takes a while by bus to get to the boat so we suggest sticking to Catalina Island.

Santo Domingo Bayahibe Cave Tours


With high ceilings, and stairs to easily move around, these caves are some of the best and easiest to access in the world. While walking through the caves you will see hundreds of pictures on the walls from the Taino people (the original occupants of the Island before the European).

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe Water Activities

Other Water Activities

You can find places to rent paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, windsurfing, etc.

Restaurants and Bars In Bayahibe

Santo Domingo to Bayahibe Las Palmas

There are plenty of local bars and restaurants for you to pick from that will be either a short walk or a short taxi ride from the beach, your hotel or your private residence. Many of the smaller restaurants and bars change names and owners frequently so I won’t mention very many by name, but two of my favorites are Las Palmas (for dinner) and Saona Café (for lunch).

Santo Doming Bayahibe Saona Cafe

Both restaurants have been around for a very long time and they have a menu in Spanish and in English. These are great choices to enjoy the local seafood, rum, music and the culture of the Dominican Republic. Las Palmas is on the beach and has great views of the Caribbean, and Saona Café overlooks the boats in the harbor. You can’t go wrong with either of these.

Transportation From Santo Domingo To Bayahibe

If we can be of assistance helping you get from Santo Domingo to Bayahibe, contact our English Speaking Taxi Service either by calling our American or Dominican numbers or emailing us.

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