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Located on the Samana Penisula on the Samana Bay on the northeast section of the Dominican Republic. Getting from Santo Domingo to Samana is easy and well worth it.

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Dominican Phone: 1-829-994-5150

From Santo Domingo to Samana

Transportation from Santo Domingo to Samana takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours, but it is worth the drive. The distance from the Santo Domingo to Samana is about 162 km / 100 miles. The closest airport to Samana is not the Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ), but the closer airport to Samana is very expensive, small, has very few flight options and even fewer options for direct flights. SDQ airport to Samana is the preferred way to arrive here. We can pick you up from the SDQ airport and drive you in a private car to Samana conveniently and affordability. We offer free price quotes for transfers from Santo Domingo to Samana.

History Of Samana

Samana is a small town located on the north-eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. The quaint town of Samana sits on the Samana Bay where you can walk along the malecon (seaside) and discover the town’s restaurants, bars, shops, and small markets.

The town of Samana dates back to 1493 when Christopher Columbus made a quick stop on his first voyage to the New World. It was later left alone for many years. Then in 1756, the Spanish claimed Samana until in 1796 it was passed over to the French in the peace treaty of Basel. In 1807, with the assistance of the British navy, Samana changed hands one more time, this time back to the Spanish. This small skirmish also represented the end of the French occupation of any part of what is now the Dominican Republic. It is only because of the new road that was built about 15 years ago that visitors now are able to get from Santo Domingo to Samana in a reasonable time.

Places To Stay In Samana

Santo Domingo Samana All Inclusive Resort

All Inclusive Hotel

All-inclusive resorts offer a great value for the money and allow you to have a stress-free vacation. Once you enter an all-inclusive resort, all your drinks and food are already paid for. Leave your wallet in the room safe and seek out a bar on the beach or by the pool to enjoy one of Dominican Republic’s famous rum drinks or our countries most popular beer (Presidente).

Santo Domingo Samana Private Casa

Small Hotels / Private Residences

Staying in one of the local hotels or a private residence will allow you a greater opportunity to enjoy the local flavor. You will be able to eat and/or enjoy your favorite glass of rum at a local restaurant or bar. Many of the restaurants and bars have menus in English, but not all. If you have a greater sense of adventure, perhaps this is the option for you.

Things To "See And Do" In Samana


Los Haitises National Park

Nature enthusiast will enjoy the tour of  Los Haitises National Park. While this park and other can be entered on land most people enjoy the Los Haitises National Park by boat. Some of the many attractions to Los Haitises National Park are the limestone karst plateaus that have sinkholes and caverns with indigenous (Taino) paintings below the plateaus, and the many many acres of mangroves.

Samana Downtown Malecon

The Malecon

In Samana what you want to see and do is located either on the malecon (seashore) or within a few minutes of the malecon. You have: breathtaking views of the bay, places to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, or places where you can sit back and relax with your favorite rum drink in hand and many little shops, etc.


The Beaches

Playa (beach) Cayaco is the main beach and is just a few minutes’ walk from the town center. Here you can spend the day relaxing on the beach or walking down it.

Santo Domingo Samana Boat Excursions

Boat Excurions

You can take a boat cruise around the Samana Marina or head out to the island of Cayo Levantado. It is a small island with plenty of open white beaches and crystal clear waters. You can also do a whale watching tour from January to March and fishing year round.

Bridge Santo Domingo Samana

The Bridge To Nowhere

This locally famous bridge was built to allow traffic to a large casino complex at the other end. However, the casino failed as did the restaurant. Now, this is the bridge to nowhere where on any given day you can see locals and tourist alike enjoying the views and the breeze from the park benches located at the end of the bridge. It is a great walk in the morning or as the sun sets.

Santo Domingo to Samana El Limon Waterfall

El Limon Waterfall

This 50-meter waterfall will leave you breathless.  You will also enjoy swimming in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall. There are two ways to reach the falls: take a 25-minute walk on foot or rent a horse and enjoy the ride!

Restaurants and Bars In Samana

Santo Domingo Samana Restaurant

There are several restaurants and they have a range of menu choices from the local Dominican flavor, to French, Chinese and Italian. Many are located on the malecon with great views of the bay and the bridge to nowhere. Seafood and fish dishes are the obvious popular choices on the menu.


There are many restaurants that make a great place to take a break during the day to have a light snack or your favorite rum drink. Enjoy the breeze and view while escaping the sun.

Transportation From Santo Domingo To Samana

If you need transportation from Santo Domingo to Samana (from the city or airport), our English Speaking reservations department is standing by to assist you.

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