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From The Santo Domingo Airport to Las Terrenas

From the Santo Domingo Airport to Las Terrenas takes just a little over a 2 hours, but the drive is worth it. The Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) is the best airport to fly into to reach Las Terrenas. The distance from SDQ to Las Terrenas is about 140 KM / 86 miles. This is not the closest airport to Las Terrenas but the nearest airport to Las Terrenas is very small, very expensive and is hard if not impossible to get a direct flight there. If you are thinking about visiting Las Terrenas give us a call and we would be more than happy to provide a custom quote to drive you to your destination in Las Terrenas.

History Of Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a small town on the north-east coast of the Dominican Republic, located in the province of Samaná. Its coral-dyed blueish green water and its barren sandy beaches make this part of the country breathtaking.

In the early 1900’s Las Terrenas was a small, rustic fishing community (not even a town) isolated from the rest of the country. In the mid 1950’s this small fishing community started a slow transformation into a top vacation destination. Over time the small fishing huts slowly transformed into homes, bed and breakfasts, hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars.

Las Terrenes has all the amenities a traveler is looking for, while protecting its pristine and natural look. Areas like Punta Cana have been saturated with hotel after hotel. Las terrenes still has open space and pristine tropical beaches without any buildings. Much of the water is protected by the curvature of the land making many of the beaches and the water very tranquil and romantic.

Places To Stay in Las Terrenas

                                       All-Inclusive Resorts

From Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas
All Inclusive Resort

All-inclusive resorts offer a great value for the money and allow you to have a stress-free vacation. Once you enter an all-inclusive resort, all your drinks and food are already paid for. Leave your wallet in the room safe and seek out a bar on the beach or by the pool to enjoy one of Dominican Republic’s famous rum drinks or our countries most popular beer (Presidente).

With multiple pools, restaurants, bars, and beach accesses, an all-inclusive can be a great decision for just about anyone (families, groups, friends or couples). 

Small Hotels / Private Residences


Staying in one of the local hotels or a private residence will allow you a greater opportunity to enjoy the local flavor. You will be able to eat and/or enjoy your favorite glass of rum at a local restaurant or bar. Many of the restaurants and bars have menus in English, but not all. If you have a greater sense of adventure, perhaps this is the option for you. 

From Santo Domingo Airport to Las Terrenas
Private House On Beach

Things To See And Do In Las Terrenas

Many of the “things to do and see” can be arranged by a local tour company. If you are staying in a resort, representatives there will help you arrange these events, and, if you are staying in a small hotel or private residence, you may want to arrange these events before you leave the comfort of your home. A simple Google search can provide many companies to help arrange these events for you. The one thing we caution you on is to understand the transportation time for your events. You don’t want to be on shuttle/bus all day just to do something that last for 30 minutes. Also, many of these events can be combined into one full day of activities to justify the transit times.

SDQ to Las Terrenas


While there are many small beaches (playas) just outside where you might be staying, there are 3 main public beaches to enjoy: Playa Bonita, Playa Coson, and Playa El Portillo. You won’t have a problem finding your special spot on the beach to gaze out over the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic.


Nature & Wildlife Tours (On Land) 

Las Haitises National Park and some other locations have great places to walk around and enjoy the nature and wildlife of the north-eastern part of the Dominican Republic. Keep in mind most people visit the national park by boat. By land the transportation can take a while and there are park limits as to when you can enter by land.

From Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas
From Santo Domingo Airport to Las Terrenas

El Limon Waterfall 

This 50-meter waterfall will leave you breathless.  You will also enjoy swimming in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall. There are two ways to reach the falls: take a 25-minute walk on foot or rent a horse and enjoy the ride! 


Boat Tours 

Day trips can be taken to see whales (Jan - Mar), dolphins (year round), Las Haitises National Park (caves, birds, mangroves), fishing (year round), and general boat tours. We suggest enjoying the National park. 

From the SDQ to Las Terrenas
Close to Las Terrenas

Surfing / Windsurfing / Kitesurfing

To the east of Las Terrenas is the world famous Kite Beach in Cabarete. This area offers surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. On any given day you can look up and down the beach and see people enjoying various water activities. This is located about 2 hours by car (a little longer by bus) from the center of Las Terrenas. 

Restaurants and Bars 


Depending on what side of Las Terrenas you are on, there are two streets that run along the ocean - 27 de Febrero and Caamano Deno Francisco. Both are loaded with restaurants, cafes, and quaint places to sip on your favorite rum drink. 

Restaurant in Las Terrenas
Where to eat in Las Terrenas

You will find many Dominican, Italian, fusion and French restaurants scattered throughout the town. With many other locations we give some suggestions for specific restaurants, but with so many and so easy to find, just look around and enjoy the one that catches your eye.

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