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Dominican Cuisine

Dominican Cuisine

The food of the Dominican Republic is a fusion of Taino (indigenous Dominicans), Spanish, and African. Dominican main dishes are usually comprised of: fish (pescado), seafood (mariscos), chicken (pollo), some beef (carne), pork (cerdo) and goat meat (chivo). These dishes are usually cooked either fried (frito), in a creole sauce (salsa de criolla), grilled (parrallida) or stewed (guisado). For side dishes the Dominican usually have either rice (arroz), beans (Habichuela) or plantains (platanos).

We have picked a couple of the popular dishes and have given a short explanation of the dish below.

Traditional Dominican Food


Sanchocho Dominican Food Sancocho This hearty stew is Dominican comfort food at its finest. The medley of seven types of meat and varied veggies. Many times this is served for a festival or a party.



Mondongo Dominican CuisineMondongo is a hearty stew with the main ingredient being tripe (cow stomach)




Chivo Guisado Dominican FoodChivo Guisado (Stewed Goat) tender, braised goat meat





Pollo Guisado Dominican FoodPollo Guisado (stewed chicken) Tender, braised chicken meat
Bacalao Guisado is stewed salted cod — a fish that’s very popular in the Caribbean.





Arroz Blanco Arroz Blanco Dominican FoodArroz Blanco (white rice) is the number one side and sometimes considered the main part of the meal




Moro-De-Habichuelas Dominican FoodMoro De Habichuelas is popular form of rice cooked with black or red kidney beans




Moro De Guandules Dominican FoodMoro De Guandules is a form of rice cooked with pigeon peas.




Plantains (Platanos)

Plantains are either Verde (green) or Maduro (ripe) with green plantains far more popular among the Dominican people.

Mofungo Dominican FoodMofongo is made with fried green plantains, garlic, and chicharrones (fried pork skins) that are mashed together and is made in a similar way to garlic mashed potatoes.




Mangu Dominican FoodMangú is a Dominican staple made from boiled, green plantains that are mashed and topped with sauteed red onions.




Tostones Dominican FoodTostones are fried plantains –  green are the most popular, but if you want your tostonies a little sweet, look for the Maduro (ripe) plantains, most people refer to tostones simply by saying fritos (fried).



Yuca (cassava)

Yucca Dominican FoodYuca (cassava) is a root that is boiled and served as a side and is usually drizzled with a sauce made of olive oil, garlic, and lime.




Street Food / Finger Food (picadera)

Chimi Dominican Street FoodChimis are street burgers that are topped with cabbage and a sweet sauce made with ketchup and mayonnaise




Chicharron Dominican Street FoodChicharrón is fried pork and is usually served with fried plantains (fritos)




Pasteles En Hoja Dominican FoodPasteles En Hoja hey look similar to a Mexican tamale, but instead of corn dough, they’re made with plantain and cooked inside a plantain leaf instead of a corn husk.




Pastelitos Dominican Street FoodPastelitos are turnovers usually filled with ground beef, shredded chicken or cheese




Yaniqueque Dominican Street FoodYaniqueque is flat bread and many times you will see people selling this on the beaches, it is made with ingredients such as flour, salt, and water.




Memelos Dominican Street FoodMemelos These tiny pops are made of creamy coconut centers covered in a thin layer of crunchy, candied caramel





Adult Beverages

Dominican RumRon (rum) is enjoyed throughout the Caribbean and the top two Dominican brands are Brugal and Barceló. Our rums are packed with flavor and smooth.




Presidente- Dominican BeerPresidente is the local beer and it is always served ice cold – Dominican won’t drink it any other way




Mamajuana - Dominican LiquorMamajuana  is native local drink that combines rum, red wine, tree bark, spices and herbs





Contact us and let us know where you are staying and we can provide you a list of restaurants that have great Dominican food at affordable prices.

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