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Other Options to Punta Cana

5- Reasons Why The #1 Destination In the Dominican Republic Is Wrong For You and where you should visit.

As the Dominican Republic was finding its place in the world’s tourism market despite all the wonderful destinations this country has to offer, its tourism industry started and ended in one location -Punta Cana. The Dominican Republic has matured past the basic all-inclusive resorts located in Punta Cana, to a wonderful place to experience beaches, the ocean, nature, rivers, lakes, mountains, Dominican culture, food, and dancing (merengue, salsa, bachata), all with the wonderful backdrop of the Caribbean.

By: reservations | February 21, 2017

By: reservations | February 21, 2017

Dominican Food

The food of the Dominican Republic is a fusion of Taino (indigenous Dominicans), Spanish, and African. Dominican main dishes are usually comprised of: fish (pescado), seafood (mariscos), chicken (pollo), some beef (carne), pork (cerdo) and goat meat (chivo). These dishes are usually cooked either fried (frito), in a creole sauce (salsa de criolla), grilled (parrallida) or stewed (guisado). For side dishes the Dominican usually have either rice (arroz), beans (Habichuela) or plantains (platanos). 

We have picked a couple of the popular dishes and have given a short explanation of the dish below.

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Rebublic

Santo Domingo sits on rocky bluff overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. While this makes for wonderful views of the Caribbean while having a great dinner or walking along the melacon (seaside), the city itself doesn’t have much beach (playa) access to speak of. If you want to enjoy the sand on your feet, the sun on your head, a nice Caribbean breeze on your face, and a wonderful view of the water, you need to head to either Boca Chica or Juan Dolio.

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Santo Domingo Airport to Colonial Zone

Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Rebublic

I have tried to make the following article both short and very informative. As you can see I have struggled with the short part. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your decision making process for your trip to the Dominican Republic. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this article. This is a compilation of restaurants, things to do, things to see, etc., that I as a foreigner (from the United States) have learned about and enjoyed over the last 4 years. It is also a collection of what our past clients have enjoyed as well.

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Translate without internet

There are many translation applications you can download onto your phone but this article will talk specifically on how you can use Google’s translation app offline.

Many of the hotels, resorts and properties that people will stay at on their vacation will have WIFI but it will be very weak. Also, when you out in town, the beach, etc. you won’t have access to that WIFI. At the large resorts many of them will only have WIFI in a couple common areas and not in the rooms. If you don’t speak Spanish, you will want to make sure you can use your translator with or without internet. In order to do this you will need to install the language package for Spanish.

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Santo Domingo Taxi

You’re finally on your Caribbean vacation. You’re at the Santo Domingo Airport, Las Americas (SDQ) in the Dominican Republic and now you need transportation to your hotel or resort. If you don’t speak Spanish and have not spent much time in a 3rd world airport trying to get a taxi and negotiate a price can be quit stressful.

At Santo Domingo Taxi we try to alleviate this stress for you. You can contact us from the comfort of your own home before your vacation. We will provide you a price quote and estimated time for transit. When you arrive at the Santo Domingo Airport, Las Americas Airport (SDQ) we will meet you there when your plane arrives, and we will have a sign with your party name on it (so you can find us). We will take you luggage,...

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Communication in the Dominican Republic

Whether you are trying to contact someone back home or here in the Dominican Republic, making a call from your cell can sometimes be a little confusing and many times costly. Here are a few solutions for communicating with people in the Dominican Republic or back home.

Your Cell Phone

Some companies like T-Mobile in the United States are making calling international easier and cheaper and you may want to use your cell phone to make calls. The main issue that you may experience is that you will have to still use the local towers to have signal. This means you need to access a local providers network and when you attempt to make your first call you will be given instructions in Spanish. If you speak Spanish great you shouldn’t have any problems...